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Water is so good for us, so why is it rarely our first drink of choice?  Learn to enjoy the taste of water and break the habits that push you towards other drinks.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"I like water.
Water is good for me.
Water cleanses me.
Water refreshes me.
Water is my favorite drink.
Water tastes good.
I love water.
I choose water as my drink.
My drink of choice is water.
Water purifies me.
Drinking water is healthy.
Drinking water is good for me.
I love the taste of water.
I love the clear look of water.
I love the smell of water.
I love the feel of water in my mouth.
I am refreshed by water.
I am happy with water.
I am happier with water as my drink of choice.
Water quenches my thirst.
The best drink of all is water.
Water is the pure drink.
I enjoy water with my meals.
I drink water."

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