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Whether you’re providing home hospice care or moving a loved one to a hospice center, the decision to do so is just the first step in a process that can be heart rending and difficult.

This programme was designed to assist you and your loved one in making the transition with as much ease as possible..

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"I love God.
My life has been rich and rewarding and I feel good about my life.
I surrender to the will of God and let go of any need to control the outcome of my life.
I trust in the process of life.
I surrender to the divine flow and allow myself to be carried by the current of life into the oneness of all creation.
I am one with my Creator.
I am one with all that is.
I trust my loved ones to take care of themselves and release them to their own experience of life.
I trust that those who care about me want what is best for my highest good.
There is no death, only life, and I gracefully move to the next experience.
I release any attachment to my body.
I understand my body is only a vehicle for my spirit and my body has served me well.
My spirit flies free!
I am free!"

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