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Pain is often identified as a cycle attenuated with fear.  That is, we feel the pain, expect it to get worse and it does get worse.  We overcompensate by standing, sitting and moving differently.  This leads to more pain and difficulty.

Pain is a signal.  It can be managed.  When one is relaxed and calm, out of the pain cycle, both healing and pain management are facilitated.

End the back pain cycle!

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"I will always choose to relax my muscles.
Relaxed, allowing, comfortable--me now.
I enjoy the comfort.
I enjoy being at peace.
I enjoy relaxing my muscles.
I love life.
I love living.
My body heals perfectly.
I care for my back.
I have good posture habits.
I let stress and tension go.
I have the power within to heal perfectly.
I have the power within to be comfortable.
I have the power within to be free of pain.
My back is strong.
My back is free of tension.
My back muscles are healed.
My upper back and neck are comfortable and relaxed.
My lower back and shoulders are relaxed and comfortable.
Strong, comfortable, relaxed and it feels good.
It's easy for me to relax.
It's easy for me to take care of myself.
It's easy for me to be comfortable."

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