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Playing video games can be relaxing and fun. They can also be great for developing hand/eye coordination. But if you're addicted to playing, other areas in your life can suffer.  Eliminate the addiction.  Regain some balance in your life and once again play video games just for fun.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"Time is valuable.
My time is valuable.
I use my time wisely.
Reading is valuable.
Study is valuable.
I gain from learning.
My life is important.
Gaming wastes my time.
Gaming is a ritual I can do without.
It's easy for me to read and study.
It's easy for me to improve my mind.
It's easy for me to use time wisely.
It's easy for me to be wise.
Wisdom dictates learning over gaming.
Gaming comes and goes.
Investing in my future requires using my time to learn.
I choose learning.
I use multi-media to gain knowledge and information.
I use multi-media wisely.
My future is worth investing in now.
I know the wisdom of investing in myself.
I choose to read.
I choose to study".

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