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Substance abuse about self-medicating. It fills an imagined need. It’s common for food to be used to assuage anxiety, alcohol to escape pain, tobacco to relax and quiet our nerves, and so on. It’s always a positive step to understand why the compulsion behind substance abuse, and this programme helps with that while strengthening our willingness to abandon self-sabotaging behaviors.

Many people think that substance abuse is all about will power and they couldn’t be further from the truth. Substances act upon the brain and this can lead to addiction - the mechanics of the brain demanding more and more satisfaction.

You can make the conscious choice to end addiction today. This programme will help and facilitate retraining the brain by altering your reward expectation. It will motivate your conviction to become free of addiction. It will augment a new stream of self-talk that will reinforce your progress and shore up your determination to set yourself free.

Whether you are addicted to smoking, drugs, or alcohol, this program is your ally in overcoming your addiction. You'll find your attitudes about yourself and your self worth bolstered and no longer will you have the need for undesirable substances.

Feedom can be yours.. Begin now.

Sample thought modification messages in this programme:

"I am drug free.
I breathe deeply.
I breathe smoothly.
I am strong and powerful.
I make my own choices.
I make wise choices.
I make thoughtful choices.
I make healthy choices.
I protect my health.
I am healthy.
I like exercise.
I feel great.
I love living.
I love life.
I am a leader.
I am confident.
I am happy.
I use healthy things.
I eat healthy foods.
I am relaxed.
I am in control.
Living is great."

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