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Is pornography taking over your life? Are your relationships and goals suffering as a result?  If so, it's time to get a handle on the problem.  Use this programme to get some balance back into your life and start living fully again.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"I choose my behavior.
I take responsibility for my behavior.
I choose my thoughts.
I take responsibility for my thoughts.
I make wise choices.
I make healthy choices.
My life is the result of my choices.
I am improving everyday in every way.
I am pornography-free now.
Appeal for pornography has disappeared.
Appeal for pornography is gone.
Pornography is out of my life.
I stay away from pornography.
I conserve my sexual energy.
Sex without love is unappealing.
I honor my personal relationships.
I direct my sexual energy towards fulfillment of goals that are meaningful and respectful.
I respect my sexual energy.
I enjoy healthy sexuality with my loving partner".

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