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Relationships based on need or manipulation are unhealthy.  Become whole in yourself and start creating healthy relationships.

Classic co-dependence is destructive and manipulative and often leads to addictions. Codependents need to be needed, even if they must create or exaggerate the reason for the need.  If you or yours fit this description or behave in an addictive, compulsive manner, this programme could be enlightening and very beneficial.  Its uses range from addressing family relationships to chemical dependency.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"I am whole
I am independent
I am accepting
I am forgiving
I value myself
I am of value
I am worthy
I am deserving
I am positive
I am secure within myself
I need only myself
I am loving
I love myself
I am okay
I am sufficient
I am enough
I respect myself
I expect respect
I give respect
I am respecting
I enjoy myself
I enjoy life
I am responsible for me
I am only responsible for me"

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