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Energy is form that can be projected!

Often forgotten in the study of martial arts is the manipulation of energy. Energy is form that can be projected. This program was developed in conjunction with doctors Jim Seidel and Tony Markham.

Train your mind specifically to excel in martial arts. Learn to manipulate energy, remain focused, project movements onto your opponents. Watch your physical skills increase!

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"I love martial arts.
Martial arts is energy.
Energy is form.
My mind is strong.
I cast away all distractive thoughts.
My mind is clear.
My mind is the master.
I control my mind in all things.
I breathe slowly and deeply.
I breathe evenly.
Breath is life.
I enjoy breathing.
Breathing is electricity charging.
Oxygen is electricity.
I like the taste of oxygen.
Oxygen is good.
I master the use of oxygen.
I think electrically.
I move electrically.
Electricity is vital energy.
I generate vital energy through my breathing.
I radiate vital energy.
I circulate vital energy.
My mind controls my vital energy.
Vital energy heals my body.
Vital energy strengthens my body".

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