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Thumb sucking is comfortable and calming and generally practiced by most infants in the early stages of their life.  Unfortunately, this habit can become a means to assuage anxiety, something your child turns to in times of doubt and fear.
Thumb sucking can lead to both psychological and physical issues.  Teeth can become deformed leading to the need for braces.  The habit of comforting oneself by sucking during times of stress can eventually lead to smoking and other oral fixations.
Help your child help themselves to break this habit early.

Sample thought modification messages:

"I am free of thumb sucking.
I am sufficient.
I am confident.
I think about my hands.
I think about my fingers.
I know where my fingers are.
I keep my fingers and thumb out of my mouth.
My mouth is clean.
I like a clean mouth.
I am enough.
I am whole.
I am secure.
I am
I am good.
I am accepted.
I am cared for.
I am good to myself."

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