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This programme is designed to give you back your time!

The polls and data are often at odds.  It seems many people watch more television than they care to admit to.  The numbers for children are anywhere from 4 to 7 hours a day and adults average little better. 

Do you find yourself watching more TV but enjoying it less?  Do you ever think that you could have done something else and had more fun? 

Some research has linked altered states of consciousness with television.  One study showed that when children were given an incentive to remain in full beta consciousness (full waking state), they could not do so for five minutes.  Most people, while watching television, enter an alpha state at some point.  Alpha is the state most commonly associated with hypnosis.  In altered states, the brain increases the release of chemicals such as endorphins and this tells the body the experience is good.  Therefore, is it possible to develop a TV addiction?

Time is all we really have during our lifetime and when we waste it, we are giving away our most valuable resource. This programme is designed to give you back your time in such a way that when you do watch TV, it's quality time.

Sample thought modification messages:

"I create my future.
I create my leisure agenda.
I create my relationships.
I choose to maximize my future.
I choose to maximize my potential.
I choose to be wise.
I choose to be sharing.
I choose to create my best.
I choose to read.
I choose happiness and harmony.
I have the power within to avoid television.
I enjoying living.
I enjoy avoiding television.
I enjoy my family and friends.
I enjoy reading.
I enjoy talking and sharing."

Available with music or nature soundtrack
£19.99 each or £31.99 for both soundtracks

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