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Children with a high sense of self-esteem generally do better in school.

They build positive relationships and tend to attract roles in leadership.  Because they like themselves and believe they are worthy of being cared for by others, they are less likely than are people with lower self-esteem to stay in abusive or exploitive situations.

They are also more likely to take care of themselves physically and emotionally, and to persist in difficult and effortful pursuits such as completing their education or mastering an occupation.

Sample thought modification messages in this product:

"I am smart.
I am good.
I am liked.
I am safe.
I am protected.
I make wise choices.
I listen to my teachers.
I listen to my parents.
I learn easily.
It's easy to learn.
It's easy to be liked.
It's easy to cooperate.
It's easy to follow rules.
It's easy to be polite.
It's easy to be courteous.
It's easy to be attentive.
I like people.
I am liked.
I respect others.
I respect myself.
I am patient.
I am teachable.
I am a good student.
I am pleasant.
I am confident.
I am capable.
It's easy to be likable.
It's easy to be pleasant.
It's easy to be patient.
I will always be safe.
I will always be a good learner."

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