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If you're into body building, or just feel you're too thin, this programme is for you.  Your cells respond instantly to your thoughts.  You can create the body you have dreamed of.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"I am strong.
I am healthy.
I eat regular meals.
I exercise.
I build muscle strength.
I enjoy food.
I eat slowly.
I chew slowly.
I eat nutritious foods.
I accept myself.
I like myself.
I look forward to exercise.
I build a strong and healthy body.
I love my body.
I listen to my body.
I know my perfect weight.
I achieve my perfect weight.
I look good.
I am fit and healthy.
My body is perfect.
I care for myself.
I am proud of my body.
I take pride in my body.
Life is wonderful.
I enjoy living.
Living is fun.
I have fun.
I laugh.
I enjoy myself.
I relax.
I breathe deeply and regularly.
I am calm.
I am confident.
I am in control.
Each day I grow stronger and healthier in every way.
I feel and sense my health and fitness.
I see myself at my perfect weight."

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