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According to physicists, mind directs the quantum.  The body is a collection of quantum, just as is the universe.  This programme is designed to facilitate employing your mind to arrest and even reverse the aging process. 

Building a belief and generating a true expectation has been established as at least one way in which mind influences body.  This is as true for wellness as it is for longevity.  Scientists have demonstrated that the cells of the human body are capable of a healthy life for at least 144 years.  If you expect to live that long, there is a real possibility that it will happen. 

This programme will help you choose both a personal age that is your mental optimal age and create an entirely new expectation regarding your life span. 

Many people tend to think of old age with fear.  Many more literally do not wish to live into their old age.  We don't need to prepare for old age with fear.  There need be no ""old age"" regardless of how long one lives.   A long life does not have to include limited mobility or dependency.  You will learn that living a long life can be fun and productive, as well as something to look forward to with zest and enthusiasm.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"I am enough.
I am strong.
I am healthy.
I am young.
I will health.
I will youth.
My body responds.
My body remembers.
I remember.
I remember youth.
My body remembers youth.
My cells reproduce perfectly.
My cells are strong and willing.
My cells are young and healthy.
My cells are perfect.
I feel young.
I look young.
I am positive.
I am enthusiastic.
Life is a miracle.
Life is wonderful.
Living is fun.
I eat properly.
I exercise.
My vision is perfect.
My hearing is perfect.
I am powerful.
I breathe deeply.
My body is strong.
My hair is strong.
My hair is thick.
My stomach is flat.
My abdomen muscles are strong.
I stand erect.
I am proud.
I am confident."

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