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Many professionals believe that there can be a number of psychological reasons leading to the arrest of normal breast development.  Further, a lot of research has demonstrated the effectiveness of techniques employing suggestion, such as hypnosis, for natural breast enlargement.  The mind really does exercise an influence - even over breast development.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"I send extra blood flow to my breasts.
My body responds.
My cells generate growth.
My cells multiply perfectly.
My breasts are warm.
My breasts tingle.
My breasts grow full and voluptuous.
My breasts are firm.
My breasts are alive and growing.
My cells are multiplying.
Rapidly my breasts fill out.
I feel good about myself.
I am confident.
My body is perfect.
Positive energies stimulate growth.
My body is marvelous.
My body responds to my mind.
My mind wills consciousness in my cells.
My cells respond positively.
My cells have consciousness.
My cells form perfectly."

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