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There are many reasons for exercising beyond just being fit and healthy.  Exercise has also been shown to improve mood and sleep, increase learning ability, improve memory, and reduces stress and anxiety.  However, it can be difficult to find the motivation to stick to an exercise regime. 

Using this programme, you will re-wire your thinking - healthy activities will become appealing.  You will look forward to exercising and even find that you miss it on days when you don't. 

Break down the walls of resistance and experience the pleasure and satisfaction of exercise and better health.

Grow to love your image, health, and self-esteem when you transform your body and mind through exercise. 

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"I like exercise.
Exercise is fun.
Exercise is healthy.
I am healthy.
I choose health.
I breathe deeply.
I breathe.
My cardiovascular system is strong.
I am strong.
I am good.
I like myself.
I love my body.
I am youthful.
I exercise regularly.
I walk.
I enjoy walking.
I rest after exercise.
I exercise daily
I love living.
Water tastes good.
Water cleanses me.
Water flushes my body clean.
Exercise refreshes me."

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