InnerTalk Releasing Anxiety MP3

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Anxiety is one of the most commonly reported mental health issues of today. Fear, worries, new environments, unfamiliar circumstances and trauma can serve as triggers for anxiety. The results often manifest as decreased energy, listlessness, a lack of focus, unidentifiable feelings of uncertainty and an increase in the use of stimulants like caffeine.

Whether it’s occasional anxiety or a more troublesome sense of daily anxiety, this programme is designed to help you.

Learn to eliminate unhealthy anxiety and protect yourself against triggers that have led to discomfort in the past.

Imagine yourself free of tension, nervousness and uncertainty - free of anxiety. Start to live that way today.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"Living is fun.
I make decisions.
I make decisions easily.
I am comfortable in my own skin.
I like myself.
I make wise choices.
I am confident.
I am positive.
I am anxiety free.
Anxiousness is gone.
I feel great!
I trust.
I allow.
I let go.
I have fun.
I like to play.
I enjoy my work.
I focus on the positive.
I am optimistic.
I relax all over.
I am trusting.
I exercise.
I take walks.
I enjoy the outdoors and nature.
I sleep easily"

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