InnerTalk Resolving Feelings of Loneliness and Isolation MP3

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There are many reasons for lonliness. It may be that we don’t feel that we relate to or fit in with those around us. It might be that we doubt anyone truly understands us. Or we can feel lonely in a new job or a neighbourhood where we haven’t made friends yet. Perhaps someone dear to us has moved away or died.

Or has the new age of technology managed to separate us? Do we live behind our smart phones and computers instead of joining in - in real life?

Neuroscientists have identified regions of the brain that respond to loneliness, and a powerful body of research shows that lonely people are more likely to become ill, experience cognitive decline, and die early.

This programme was created to deal with the factors common to all forms of loneliness. If you feel lonely and/or isolated, then start to change your life today

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"I care about my relationships.
I build new relationships.
I like people.
I enjoy being with others.
I enjoy writing friends.
I stay in touch with my friends and family.
I encourage friendships.
Friendships are important to me.
I engage with others.
I attend events and make new friends.
I go out of my way to help others.
I feel good about myself.
I am liked.
I recognise when someone is being friendly.
People care about me.
People respect me.
People like me.
I am a good friend.
I am capable.
I enjoy my friends.
I enjoy connecting with people."

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