InnerTalk I am Lucky MP3

Better Life Category 100 x 98

Why do some people seem to get all the lucky breaks while others get none?  Harness the power of your mind and join the lucky group.

Sample thought modification messages in this product:

"The Universe is good.
The Universe is wonderful.
The Universe brings me good.
The universe brings me plenty.
I am deserving.
I am worthy.
I am a creation of the Divine.
I am created perfectly.
I am lucky.
Luck is not an accident.
I am prepared.
I am ready.
I am alert and willing.
I accept the good that comes to me.
I attract all that I need when ever I need it.
I am loved.
I love life.
I love living.
I am inspired.
I am here for a purpose.
I accept the calling as it is revealed to me.
I pay attention to synchronicity.
I am alert to coincidence.
I am in tune with my purpose."

available with music or nature soundtrack
£19.99 each
£31.99 for both soundtracks


InnerTalk subliminal thought modification technology clinically tested and proven by doctors, scientists and medical researchers.

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