InnerTalk Healing Grief and Trauma MP3

Better Life Category 100 x 98

This programme is designed to facilitate the healing process necessary to releasing grief and dealing with tragedy.  Sometimes you need only be present during a tragedy to suffer its distress.  Some traumas can literally engulf a person with fear.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

“Life is a gift.
Life is eternal.
Life is an experience.
Spirit is essential.
Love is the Divine energy.
Love energy flows through me.
I accept Love energy.
I accept the Divine.
I accept.
I let go.
I allow.
Life is a lesson ground.
Life is to experience the lessons.
Life is like a stage.
I forgive myself.
I have a lot to live for.
There is a lot of life to live.”

available with music or nature soundtrack
£19.99 each or £31.99 for both soundtracks


InnerTalk subliminal thought modification technology clinically tested and proven by doctors, scientists and medical researchers.

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