InnerTalk Gratitude Attitude MP3

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When we live in a state of gratitude, life becomes magical.  Replace the “I wants” with “wow, look at all my blessings” and watch the quality of your life improve.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"I am grateful.
I appreciate my life.
I appreciate all that I am and can ever be.
I recognize a Divine Source from which I come.
I recognize that I am a gift.
I accept the gift.
I give thanks for my being.
I love life.
I love living.
Life is wonderful.
I find good in all.
Living is a miracle.
I am a miracle.
I am happy.
I am joyful.
I am optimistic.
I give thanks.
I give thanks everyday.
I start my days with ‘Thank you.’
I close my eyes at bedtime with ‘Thank you."

available with music or nature soundtrack
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InnerTalk thought modification technology.  Clinically tested and proven by doctors, scientists and medical researchers.

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