InnerTalk Eradicating Inadequacy – Unleashing My Strengths MP3

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Feelings of inadequacy are common today in a world where we are inundated with images of airbrushed perfection.. The world of advertising is intent on delivering one message to all of us: we are deficient! Obviously if we were not deficient in some way, we wouldn't need their products; the hair colours, cosmetic procedures, new cars, body lotions, perfumes, clothes... So we are continually reminded of our alleged imperfections.

No one is perfect. But our inadequate feelings are often the result of believing that we should be. When we believe this nonsense, we try to compensate. There are many ways in which we attempt to compensate, to offset our feelings, but none of them lead to any form of essential gratification. So the first step to overcoming feelings of inadequacy is to recognise our so-called imperfections, accept them, and then go on to maximise our strengths and abilities.

When feelings of inadequacy ; low self-worth, incompetence, powerlessness, and even shame begin to interfere with your ability to perform, to maintain relationships, succeed at work or to be happy, it’s time to end this cycle of self-defeating thoughts.

This programme was created to help you in eliminatie disparaging thoughts; that you’re not good enough, that somehow you are inadequate. We all have these feelings from time to time, but they need not control us. S et yourself free today and enjoy a new buoyant self, ready to be everything you can be!

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"I am more than adequate.
I am capable.
I am wise.
My life is important.
I am important.
I contribute to the world.
I make a difference.
I am unique.
My talents are unique.
I am confident.
I am validated by others.
I accept their validation.
I accept myself.
I am effective.
I am a good listener.
I validate others.
Life is a gift.
I am a gift.
I am a miracle.
My action impacts others.
My actions make things happen.
I am aware of my influence.
I use my influence wisely.
I commend others.
Others commend me.
I am trust worthy."

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