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Constructive criticism can be very helpful.  But for many of us it feels like a threat.  Employers, friends and loved ones may stop trying to help.  This programme is to help you become willing to listen openly, without judgment or defense.  Not all criticism is an attack.

Sample thought modification messages in this programme:

"Life is a school.
Living is learning.
I choose to learn.
I choose to improve.
I improve everyday in every way.
I will always improve.
I will always learn.
I am flexible.
I am teachable.
I am a great learner.
I am patient.
I am discerning.
I can accept criticism.
I know constructive criticism.
I recognize constructive criticism.
It's easy to accept constructive criticism.
It's easy to learn from criticism.
It's easy to learn from others.
It's easy to learn from mistakes.
I am a great learner."

available with music or nature soundtrack
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