Downloading InnerTalk titles direct to your tablet or smartphone

We recommend you download your order to your computer, unzip the files there and then move them to your preferred device/s.  This is the easiest way.

However if you would prefer to download direct to your phone or tablet, please make sure you're able to unzip your files on that device.

Please see below for guidance on downloading and unzipping on each type of device.

Download the free version of WinZip from Play Store.
Go to your order URL and tap the Download Now button.
When the download has finished, open WinZip.
Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner of the app.
Tap Storage, then SD Card, then the Download folder.
Tap the Product title to unzip.
Tap open the product folder.
Tap the MP3 to play.

You can move the file around on your SD card but if you want to get it out of WinZip via email, dropbox, etc, you have to purchase the Premium WinZip app.

IPAD using WinZip
Download WinZip
Go to your order download URL and tap the Download Now button.  PLEASE NOTE: It will show that one download has been used, however it may appear as if the page is loading very slowly and nothing is happening.  Please wait a full two minutes for the page to change.  You may not even see a change in the progress bar.
Tap Open in “WinZip”
WinZip will open and show the files.  Click the title to play the MP3.

IPHONE Using iDownloadAll
Download iDownloadAll app from App Store
Copy the url from the email sent to you and paste into the browser bar of Easy Downloader. Hit return.
Hit Download.  Select Save.  The file will then start downloading.
Once the download is complete, click the file and it will unzip. The unzipped files will then show in the Files folder in iDownloadAll.

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