Left Brain, Right Brain and the Innertalk Encoding Process

The Left Hemisphere:
The Rational Mind controls logic and reason. It analyzes the information it receives and organizes it into a logical framework. The unique InnerTalk technology delivers positive messages to both hemispheres of the brain according to how each receives and processes information. To sidestep your rational left brain’s resistance to positive messages that conflict with negative beliefs, InnerTalk delivers permissive messages such as, “It’s okay to succeed” (Direct statements trigger all kinds of negative self-talk from the left brain, such as, “Succeed? I’ve never succeeded at anything. What makes this time any different?”)

The Right Hemisphere:
The Creative, Intuitive Mind is less discriminating. It absorbs information without question or analysis. It is here that early childhood messages such as, “You’ll never amount to anything,” are stored, even though you may not be aware of them. No matter how much you try to reprogramme these negative messages on a conscious level, the emotional imprint is so deep that negative beliefs will prevail. InnerTalk delivers authoritative statements which are readily accepted by your right brain, such as, “I succeed at everything I do, ” to counteract years of negative programming.

On one channel, accessing the left brain, are meaningfully spoken, forward masked permissive affirmations, such as “It’s okay to feel good,” delivered in a round robin manner, by a male voice, a female voice and a child’s voice. On another channel, accessing the right brain, are directive messages, such as “I am good” recorded in the same voices in reverse. The analytical left hemisphere cannot argue with the permissive statement and the non-analytical right hemisphere simply accepts the authoritarian statement. Since the hemispheres are task oriented, both the left and right brain become involved according to their specialties.

InnerTalk appeals to both hemispheres in a brain friendly manner. Whole Brain InnerTalk technology appeals to the two hemispheres appropriately according to the primary hemispheric function. The left brain is interested in literal correctness, while the right is more interested in overall associations and/or relationships. It is believed that the left brain views language literally and according to the rules of language while the right brain views language spatially and emotionally, tumbling the words in a process called “subconscious cerebration” and even seeing the words in reverse as our eyes see the world upside down.

The Encoding Process
On one channel, accessing the left brain, meaningfully spoken, permissive affirmations (such as, “It’s OK to succeed, It’s OK to do well.”) are delivered. On a second channel, accessing the right brain, directive messages (such as, “I am good, I succeed, I do well “) are delivered in reverse, to be recognized by the right brain’s unique spatial understanding.

The channel-differentiated messages shadow each other from conscious recognition. But on the subconscious level where the perception takes place, the mind understands and receives these affirmations. The analytical left hemisphere cannot argue with the permissive “It’s OK” statements and the non-analytical right hemisphere simply accepts the directive “I am” statements.


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