InnerTalks’s Subliminal Power


“You start saying to yourself,
“I can do this” and start acting in accordance with the new positive self talk”


“Two things impede achievement:  technical skill – which can be acquired, and self-belief – which can also be acquired.”


Q:  How do InnerTalk subliminal CDs promote change?
A:  It’s really simple. They change the way you talk to yourself. As you change your self-talk, or “inner-talk”, you change your expectations.  As your expectations change, so does your experience. And as your experience changes, you reinforce new and heightened expectations.


Q:  So it’s an ongoing circular benefit?
A:  Absolutely.  You start saying to yourself, “I can do this” and start acting in accordance with the newly primed and positive inner talk.


Q:  Self-worth is fundamental to any goal, isn’t it?
A:  Yes, very much so. Very often people have an inner dialogue which says I just don’t believe in myself enough to go for what I want.  Therefore, in all our programmes we include strong affirmations of self-worth, whether it is for losing weight, passing exams, becoming a better athlete, or making more money.  What impedes achievement really, are two things: technical skill – which can be acquired – and self-belief – which can also be acquired. In our CDs we address both.  For example, in losing weight there are technical things to do, so we have affirmations which say “I drink water”, “I eat the right foods”.  And we have affirmations addressing self-belief which say “I deserve it”, and “I can do it”.


Q:  Why have your CDs been called “unsubliminal” although they appear to be subliminal?
A:  Instead of burying the messages, we actually mix them within the ocean or music in the audible range of hearing – in that sense they are not strictly speaking subliminal.  We use something more like a shadowing technique.  Occasionally, you may even hear voices coming through, although the messages are so soft you process them subconsciously rather than hearing them consciously.




Q:  Why do you use this technique in recording your subliminal CDs?
A:  We want to ensure the subconscious mind receives the information clearly.  Some companies bury their subliminal affirmations so deeply, there is no way the messages can be perceived or retrieved.  It is like asking the violinist in a symphony to leave the concert hall, walk three blocks away, start playing with the orchestra, and be heard.  You know, the violinist needs to be in the concert hall!


Q:  Is it scientifically important to you to have your CDs tested ?
A:  It is absolutely essential.  We want subliminals that work consistently, not just by chance.  For that reason, we have supplied CDs to numerous universities for use in research and double blind studies.  It’s very rewarding when studies using our technology confirm that people experience measurable changes – from depressed to joyful, from attention-deficit to focused, from scared to confident test takers.


Q: Do you find some people respond better than others to subliminal learning?
A:  None of the research suggests there is a favoured group.  Some people are primarily visual, some primarily auditory, some kinaesthetic learners.  So when we write affirmations, we write them to appeal to those senses: “I see success”, “ I hear success”, “I feel success”.


Q:  Your affirmations are written very simply, why?
A:  Short, simple phrases send a clear, direct message to the subconscious.  This promotes high retention.  A statement like “I am good” is easily understood, and remembered.  With complex wording there is a risk of confusing or losing the meaning.


Q:  What do you recommend when a person reaches a goal and then seems to hit a plateau?
A:  Keep going.  Set new goals.  You need a target to keep growing and changing.  And have you noticed, if you set new challenges for yourself, if there is a problem, you can be sure it will come up again!  As you solve it, you will go to a deeper level – gain more confidence and competence.  The CDs help us break through what we regard as our limits.   And if we continue to challenge ourselves, we will never become rigid, fixed or senile regardless of how long we live.


Q:  Your CDs help people develop personal resourcefulness, don’t they?
A:  Yes, they help people take responsibility for their situations, and especially for changing and creating something positive in their lives.  Our listeners no longer displace responsibility by blaming someone else.   It goes back to changing your self-talk so that you’ll have an entirely different set of expectations and experiences.


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