About InnerTalk

The patented science behind Innertalk works on the basis that to change current behaviour, you first have to change the information stored in the subconscious part of the brain. It sounds easy but you can’t just tell your subconscious to think differently and expect life changing results.

You need to find a way to counteract those subconscious thoughts and introduce different thoughts for your subconscious to use. The InnerTalk method helps introduce stimuli to the subconscious, priming self talk and so changing your self limiting beliefs from the inside out.

InnerTalk programmes tap into our natural human ability to absorb information even when we’re not thinking about it. On the surface the programmes sound like any other easy listening music or nature sounds. However, there is a powerful difference. Carefully blended into the background are dynamic affirmations such as “I feel good,” “I am successful,” etc., that make long lasting positive impressions.

While the conscious mind enjoys the pleasant music or nature sounds, the subconscious mind recognises and receives the powerful, life changing affirmations.

Whole brain InnerTalk dynamic left/right brain programming

The human brain is composed of two halves or hemispheres, the left brain and the right brain. These two hemispheres work together and control our bodies. InnerTalk’s unique technology delivers positive messages to both hemispheres of the brain according to how each receives and processes information.

The left hemisphere

The left brain is most commonly referred to as the “analytical brain” and is thought to control such things as mathematical and language skills, organisation, logic, reason, observation and analysis. The left hemisphere also includes defence mechanisms such as rationalisation built around logic and reason. The left hemisphere therefore analysis the information it receives and organises it into a logical framework.

The right hemisphere

The right brain is also known as the “spatial brain.” It is thought to be responsible for creativity, emotions, athletic ability, intuitiveness, relaxation and visualisation. Many scientists believe the right hemisphere is associated with emotional and subconscious learning.

The right hemisphere, i.e. the creative, intuitive mind is thus less discriminating. It absorbs information without question or analysis. It is here that early childhood messages such as, “You’ll never amount to anything,” are stored, even though you may not be aware of them. No matter how hard you try to re-programme these negative messages on a conscious level, the emotional imprint is so deep that negative beliefs will prevail. InnerTalk delivers authoritative statements which are readily accepted by your brain such as, “I succeed at everything I do,” to counteract the years of negative programming.

Within the InnerTalk products, on one channel (accessing the left brain), are meaningfully spoken, forward masked permissive affirmations such as, “It’s ok to feel good.” On a further channel, (accessing the right brain), are directive messages such as, “I am good,” recorded in the same voices in reverse. The analytical left hemisphere cannot argue with the permissive statement and the non-analytical right hemisphere simply accepts the authoritarian statement. Since the hemispheres are task orientated, both the left and the right brain become involved according to their specialties.

The left brain therefore is interested in literal correctness, while the right is more interested in overall associations and or relationships.

Suggested usage

InnerTalk programmes feature pleasant, easy listening music or nature sounds and are simple to use.

Play them in the background on any regular MP3 player while you’re working, driving, relaxing, reading, playing sports or even sleeping or watching TV.

You can also play them while engaged in activities like jogging or bike riding.

No conscious thought or effort is required to produce dramatic, positive and automatic results.

Play InnerTalk for at least an hour a day. Results are generally noticed within a few weeks, although we recommend you listen to your MP3 for thirty days or more for maximum enduring effect.


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