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As our expectation of the world changes, so the world seems magically to change.

This wonderful programme was created around the Course In Miracles

Enjoy the miracle that is life and the unlimited abundance that life can deliver to you when you hold peace, balance, harmony and love in your heart and mind.

Sample thought modification messages in this programme:

"Within me is the power.
The power flows through me.
I am the power.
The power was given me.
The power is mine.
Miracles are natural.
There is no degree to miracles.
I am a miracle.
Life is a miracle.
I appreciate the miracle.
I live in grace.
I am humble I am that I am.
The I AM presence is in me.
I accept the power.
I accept the gift.
I have the ability to will miracles.
Illusions are not real.
The real is eternal. I am eternal.
I invest belief in the real.
I see past illusion.
I see God in all.
I recognize good in all.
I acknowledge God in all.
Minds communicate.
I allow my mind to notice God in all."

available with music or nature soundtrack
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