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For many, vision problems are due to poor habits, dietary deficiencies, stress and attitudinal factors. Change your mindset and see how your vision improves.

Sample thought modification messages in this programme:

" have good vision.
I exercise my eyes.
I care for my eyes.
I rest my eyes.
I eat properly.
I relax my eyes.
I appreciate my vision.
I see easily.
My eyes are strong.
My eyes are healthy.
My mind and body are one.
Images are clear.
My vision is perfect.
I am a miracle.
I am grateful.
Life is wonderful.
My eyes focus.
Images are clear.
My vision is keen.
My eye muscles are strong."

Available with music or nature soundtracks.

CDs:  £22.99 each.  Or buy any 5 for the price of 4.  All shipped free!

MP3s:  £17.99 per title.

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InnerTalk subliminal CDs - thought modification technology clinically tested and proven by doctors, scientists and medical researchers.

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