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Research has repeatedly demonstrated the advantages of feeling good about one's body.  Indeed, findings suggest that by simply recognising our body with love, it will look and feel better and can even respond with spectacular reversals of conditions that have affected it in the past.  Feel good about your body, love it, appreciate it, and it will respond.

Sample thought modification messages in this product:

"Life is a miracle.
I am a miracle.
I am worthy.
I am deserving.
My body is a miracle.
My body is wonderful.
I love my body.
I love all of my body.
I enjoy my body.
I send love to all parts of my body.
I sense the consciousness of my cells.
My cells love me.
My body is loves me.
I care for my body.
I touch my body with love.
I feel the power of Love fill my body.
My body responds to love.
My body cares for me."

Available with music or nature soundtracks.

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