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Research run on the InnerTalk Golf programme showed a tangible increase in ability and earning power.  In a study involving a group of 17 professional golfers in six different major competitions, victories were increased from 1 to 6 (compared with the previous year when InnerTalk was not used), and total earnings increased from $1,564,927 to $3,735,756.

Sample thought modification messages in this programme:

"I keep my head down.
I am a great athlete.
I practice.
I enjoy golf.
Golf is fun.
My swing is correct.
My swing is powerful.
My swing is repeating.
My posture is good.
My stance is good.
One foot is always at a right angle to the line of flight.
The other foot is turned out at a quarter of a turn to the left.
Golf is relaxing.
I am a winner.
I am a great golfer.
I relax.
I am positive.
I am good.
I play relaxed.
Power transfers to my arms and hands.
My body generates power.
I follow through.
My elbows and arms are close together during my swing.
My elbows are tucked in during my swing.
One elbow points directly at the left hip bone".

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