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Joint tenderness and pain can hold you back from many otherwise enjoyable activities. Swelling, redness, stiffness are all conditions that minimise natural activities.  Stress can aggravate arthritis symptoms.  Indeed, the mind plays a significant role in our ability to manage pain as well as promote healing.  Research has repeatedly demonstrated that the body-mind connection can lead to body-mind health.

Maximise your mind/body connection and heal your body.  Through the incredible directive of your mind, you can find relief from this sometimes-crippling disease.  Maximise your mind/body connection and heal your body rather than allowing it to attack itself.

Sample thought modification messages in this programme:

"I am free of arthritis.
I am free of unnecessary calcium deposits.
I eat proper foods. I eat at regular meals.
I like water.
I drink water.
Water cleanses me.
My body regenerates itself.
My body regenerates perfectly.
My brain, body cooperate.
My mind cooperates.
I will healing.
Perfection is my birthright.
Health and enjoyment are my birthright.
Miracles happen.
I am well and healthy.
Unnecessary calcium deposits dissolve.
My joints are free.
Movement is easy.
Pain is gone.
I exercise.
Exercise is therapeutic.
I exercise wisely.
I visualize healthy joints.
I visualize a healthy body.
I maintain an ideal weight."

Available with music or nature soundtracks.

CDs:  £22.99 each.  Or buy any 5 for the price of 4.  All shipped free!

MP3s:  £17.99 per title.

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InnerTalk subliminal CDs - thought modification technology clinically tested and proven by doctors, scientists and medical researchers.

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