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Whether you're seeking that perfect person or are already with them, it can be difficult to build an honest, loving relationship that continues to grow.  This programme was designed to help you in opening up those qualities that attract or hold a loving relationship - one full of romance, honesty, intimacy and passion.  (As this title contains some messages of a sexual nature, please don't play it in the presence of children). 

Sample thought modification messages in this programme:

"I enjoy my intimate relationship.
I enjoy my partner.
I am open with my partner.
I am honest with my partner.
I am relaxed with my partner.
I love my partner.
I respect my partner's individuality.
I respect my partner's desires.
It's okay to be an individual.
I am happy being me.
I enjoy touching my partner.
I enjoy sex with my partner.
I enjoy being touched by my partner.
Loving is giving.
I enjoy giving.
I give without expectation of reward.
I love unconditionally.
It's okay to want your own space.
I am secure in my relationship.
I am safe.
I enjoy being intimate with my partner.
I enjoy relaxing with my partner.
I trust my partner.
I enjoy sharing with my partner.
I communicate openly.
I communicate honestly.
I express my feelings.
I respect my partner.
I respect myself.
I choose to be honest ."

Available with music or nature soundtracks.

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