INNERTALK BETTER LIFE CATEGORY IS UP When Believing in Yourself Matters

Hi, we've added the InnerTalk Better Life Category. - over 60 life enhancing and transforming titles for you to choose from. 

And if you're not sure about any aspect of downloading Innertalk, please take a look at the help pages: About downloading InnerTalk and Downloading InnerTalk titles direct to your tablet or smartphone

In the meantime, if there's any InnerTalk title that you need or a topic you're interested in, please do get in touch.  We'll be happy to supply you whatever you need.

We look forward to chatting with you.

the CombineEssences team xx

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INNERTALK SUBLIMINAL IS BACK! When Believing in Yourself Matters

InnerTalk Subliminal is back!

We're very happy to say that after a two month absence Innertalk titles are back on our site.

Our revised most popular titles list is up.

Please bear with us while we upload all the categories and titles.

In the meantime, if there's any InnerTalk title that you need or a topic you're interested in, please do get in touch.  We'll be happy to supply you whatever you need.  Or just to chat!

Have a brilliant weekend.  We look forward to chatting with you.

the CombineEssences team xx

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Looking good this summer

In shape and looking good this summer

In between the bouts of untimely snow and rain, we have managed a few lovely days here in London.  And when the sun shines, we start to think about how we're going to look when we can no longer hide underneath our coats and jumpers.

It's time for a self appraisal. Which means looking honestly (but lovingly!) at our bodies. Deciding realistically what, if anything, we could improve WITHOUT going on a mad diet or doing drugs or being a gym freak or...

Next, we think about how to go about making those improvements.  Actually, we all know the answers: eat a little better, do a bit more exercise, drink more water, get more sleep.

We know if we incorporate these into our lives we will lose weight and we will feel happier, healthier, livelier.

But these are realistic fixes, not magic ones.  They don't hold the allure of the latest diet everyone's talking about and they don't give us  the feelings fix of buying shedloads of new weight loss products.

Contrarily, with the realistic and doable, we often need a little help

That's where InnerTalk comes in.  To help train our minds to want what we know will work for us.

As our regular customers know, we only sell products that we use ourselves, that we can happily recommend to our friends.  So to help you get going, may we suggest you check out InnerTalk's Body Image category for the title/s that suit you best.  Titles include Weight Loss Now, Firm Body, Forever Thin, Fit and Healthy and Joy of Exercise and Being Fit.

Other related popular titles are Freedom from Sugar and Freedom from Junk Food.

And last but not least, if you want to save yourself some money, get the InnerTalk Weight Loss CD Package - 4 CDs which would normally cost £91.96 for just for £49.99.

So we wish you happy browsing and if you have any comments or questions, or if you just can't decide on which title/s, please do get in touch.  We love to chat with you and we're always very happy to help.


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Easter Opening Hours and Despatch Times

Our Easter opening times and schedule for despatches

Our Availability
If you would like help or advice on any of our products over Easter, we'll be here! So please drop us a line or give us a call if there's anything we can do for you.
Our office hours will be 12 midday to 18.00 hours (UK / UTC-1) every day, including Easter Sunday. Call us on +44 207 993 4337

Our Despatch Schedule
As you know postal and other delivery systems are closed from Friday 30 March until Tuesday 2 April. So we'll send out all orders from the long weekend on Tuesday Aoril 2nd.

Have a very Happy Easter!



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New Year, New You. Well, Sort Of…

The beginning of the new year can feel like a massive let down.

In the lead up to it, we feel excited, seeing it as a fresh start.  We see ourselves doing better, being better, leading healthier lives and eating healthier food.

Then comes January and nothing feels different. It's still cold and/or rainy.  There are still, in the Western hemisphere anyway, very few hours of daylight.  Rather than feeling bright, shiny and new, it can feel very much like more of the same old. After the fun of Christmas and the hope of new year's eve, it can be positively stale.  We feel let down.  We feel we've let ourselves down by not living up to the promises and resolutions we made ourselves.

So what do we do?  As our new year's resolutions show signs of falling by the wayside, how do we get back to the shiny new start we had promised ourselves?

For myself, I've had to stop holding myself to ransom over failed resolutions.  I treat the end of the year only as a chance to review and see where I would like do better next year.  The operative phrase being "I would like" rather than "I should".  I also know it's unrealistic to expect that immediately from January 1 I will become the better person I had imagined.

I give myself some goals and trust that I will either achieve them or work towards achieving them throughout the year.  And throughout the year doesn't necessarily mean embarking upon everything from day one. It's fine to ease myself into the year.  I also make sure I don't DEMAND anything of myself.  Stern exhortation to do better has never worked for me.

I believe the thing that makes us give up on our goals faster than anything is the weight of our expectations.  It's much nicer to grow into and want to achieve our goals than to grimly set about them because we know we SHOULD.

Most of January is a struggle so my best bet is to mentally hang on to what it is I want to achieve - even when I'm doing nothing towards it. By February, as the days get lighter and longer, I start to see and feel the sense of my goals.  I also notice that actually, I have been doing some work towards my desired achievements.

So hang on in there through January.  Do what you can.  Jogging once a week is better than no jogging - even if you had promised yourself you would jog every evening.  Don't lose sight of your goals - even when you're doing nothing about them.  Even when you're doing the polar opposite - like having pizza for dinner when you had promised yourself a green juice diet.  Know that you are aware of your goals.  Know that you will do what you need to do.

January 1, after all, is an arbitrary new beginning. Your personal new year and rebirth can be at any time of the year that you choose - any time that has meaning for you.  For many of us it's actually much more likely to be around the month of our birthday.

So let's remember to wear our expectations lightly and may we all have a very happy and productive 2018.

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new-year blossom

Christmas and New Year Despatch Schedule

warehouse despatch

Our Despatch Schedule over the Christmas and New Year Holidays:

Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 are public holidays in the UK.  So our first despatch date this week will be Wednesday 27 December.

All orders placed over the Christmas weekend will be despatched on Wednesday 27.

Thursday 28 and Friday 29 December will be as normal

Our first despatch after New Year's will be on Tuesday 2 January 2018 and then the rest of that week will continue as normal.

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Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!

Welcome to our new site.

We'll be adding a few more products over the next couple of months but it's lovely to be ready in time for Christmas.

The old site, is still running. So should you for any reason prefer to still use that, we'll continue to maintain and update it for at least the next couple of years,

We hope you like this site and find it easy to use.  If you have questions or suggestions, please get in touch.  We're availabe again from Boxing Day, 26 December, and will return all calls and messages that day.

To all our lovely customers, around the globe, whether you're celebrating Christmas or not, we wish you a brilliant day.

Happy holidays!

the CombineEssences team xx

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