More benefits of InnerTalk Subliminal Audio

In the previous post we looked at the emotional, physical and mental benefits of InnerTalk.   Here we look at additional clinical trials and studies on InnerTalk – Stress Reduction. A randomised controlled trial conducted by the University of Oxford … Read more

Some of the many benefits of InnerTalk Subliminal Audio

InnerTalk offers a unique and effective approach to personal growth and self-improvement. Through its powerful positive affirmations, it has been scientifically proven to enhance mental well-being, boost emotional resilience, improve physical performance, facilitate learning and memory, and support overall health … Read more


Technology to mesmerise you, while filling you with a strong sense of well being! For the first time ever in the UK, we’re offering InnerTalk’s subliminal and hypnosis videos. Mesmerising colour and light with visual and audio subliminals which fill … Read more

Looking good this summer

We all know the answers: eat a little better, do a bit more exercise, drink more water, get more sleep. We know if we incorporate these into our lives we will lose weight and we will feel better, livelier, happier. But contrarily, with the realistic and doable, we often need a little help.… Read more