The Unexpected Peace and Quiet (of Covid-19)

One of the few pleasant consequences of our current crisis is the peace and quiet in our streets and around our homes.

And have you noticed how much the birds have quietened down now they don't have to compete to be heard?

Those of us who live in large cities endure the daily stress of hideous levels of noise - foundation shaking car sound systems, the thunder of traffic and airplanes, mobile phone shouters, conversational shouters, shops blaring music, the banging, and drilling of construction....

When this madness is finally over, for our mental health, could we please make an effort to continue to keep down the noise levels. For example:

Car drivers, do you really need your sound sustem volume set to a level where the noise you make outside your car is greater than it is inside?

Conversational shouters, have you tried not shouting?

Our neighbourhood music school that conducts daily thunderous drumming sessions, could you please get soundproofing?

Shops, does the music from your store have to be heard half a block down the road?

Playing sounds on your phone? Please use earphones. No one else wants to hear your music, tv programme or phone conversation.

People in the park, do you really need to bring a music speaker with you? Try just enjoying the nature and allow others to relax in their own world rather than forcing them into yours.

Late night revellers, please be mindful of the people down whose street you're conducting your cheerful, noisy progress. Most of them will have to be up early in the morning.

As we support each other through this horrendous time, many of us are already discovering that with a little mindfulness and consideration, we can make each other's lives better, including the lives of people we don't know. Lets, please, extend that to when our lives returns to functional. Let's make less noise and improve stress levels for all of us.

the CombineEssences team xx

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