Forest air generator for healthy breathing air.

The Little Atmos is the latest and most compact vitalizer of the Airnergy product range since its inception in 2000.

Designed for use at home or in the office as an entry level or second device,, it has already garnered much affection with customers. Its size corresponds to that of an A5 book.

Product information
Airnergy Dual Catalyst Technology
Integrated color light therapy (blue)
3 power levels (50% / 75% / 100%)
Illuminated LCD Display
Secured air performance: approx. 3.69 litres per min
5-language menu navigation (EN/ EN/ FR/ IT/ ES)
Individually programmable application times
Automatic self-test
Switchable acoustic signal and lighting
Compatible with the Airnergy Stream / HS
Maintenance interval approx. 6,000 applications

Technical information
Power supply 12 V DC
Switching power supply 100-240V AC/50-60Hz, output: 2.5 A
Power consumption max 1,600 mA
Air passage approx 3.69 litres per min.
Dimensions (mm) 210 x 96.3 x 188 incl. Glass bottle (W x H x D)
Weight – 2.1 kg

Recommended for:
The demanding home user
Occupational health care
Medical practice or clinic (secondary device)
Commercial equipment (secondary device)

Recommended application time
21-42 minutes per session

Life Expectancy and Care
Special care of the device is not necessary. Apart from regular changes of the cost-effective (around £20) air filter after 50 operating hours (approx. 75 applications), there are no follow-up costs. (Two filters are included in your box.)

The warranty period is 24 months.

All AIRNERGY devices are manufactured exclusively in their factory in Germany, are equipped with the highest quality materials and are designed in detail for a long life expectancy.

Service and Maintenance
After about 2,000 operating hours (equivalent to 3,000 – 6,000 individual applications), a “Service2000” is recommended. The life expectancy of the Little Atmos is designed for more than 10 years. Operating costs are low.

The Little Atmos breathing device has three power levels:  50%, 75%. and 100%.

With an easy-to-understand user manual, your AIRNERGY device is ready for operation in just a few steps.

In your box
Little Atmos Breathing Device
Universal power supply (12V DC 1,600 mA)
Glass bottle incl. Sparkling element (max. 100 ml)
5 Nasal cannulas (1 x children, 4 x standard)
2 air filters
Nasal cannula bag
Instructions for use
Quick Start Guide


£2499.00 complete with accessories and delivery

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