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AIRNERGY+ Stream is based on the same technology as the AIRNERGY+ inhalation units.

The Stream contains a special catalyst that activates oxygen directly from the air and in this way produces a large amount of energy. When we apply the Stream to the skin, this energy is directly transferred to the skin.

While the AIRNERGY+ inhalation devices stimulate the cells of the whole body, the Stream is applied to treat topical acute or chronic diseases and for the relief of pain.

The Stream stimulates the production of endogenous protective enzymes and in this way reduces the concentration of free radicals. Endogenous repair processes are started or rather accelerated. This can lead to an immediate decrease of pain.

Areas of application:
Skin problems, cellulite, scars
Joint problems (e. g. knee, shoulder, elbow, feet, fingers, wrist)
Achin muscles, pulled muscles, sprains, bruises and fractures
Wounds, inflammations, burns
Headaches and migraines
Ear infections (e. g. middle ear inflammation)

The Technology
The Stream contains catalysts that continuously change the oxygen from the air from triplet to singlet oxygen, which stays for some milliseconds only.
During this process the state of energy of the air changes and releases a large amount of energy.
This energy is transferred directly from the Stream to the skin. It supports the cells of the body and can accelerate healing processes.

Recommended application:
The parts of the body affected should be treated once or several times a day.
We recommend applying the Stream to the affected area(s) daily for 3 x 20 minutes.
The application should be repeated until an improvement of the condition can be recognised.

Not only can you apply the Stream to bare skin, it is also effective through clothing, leather or a plaster cast etc.
The Stream even has an effect through bones (e. g. skullcap).

Please note, the technology of the Airnergy Stream is in no way similar to a red light or infrared lamp or any magnetic field therapy device.



Airnergy-Stream-Elbow Treatment




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Stream with silver finish

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