Airnergy is a revolutionary, patented method of oxygen treatment and delivery, based on photosynthesis and using special light waves and catalysts.  It is the result of  18 years of research and development by German physicians, researchers, scientists, and engineers at Airnergy International.

Active Air Technology That Reflects Nature

Modern life can leave our energy levels depleted and poor sleep patterns can have an impact on our body’s ability to regenerate overnight.   Airnergy naturally supports these systems helping to increase energy, well-being, stamina and concentration.

Users of Airnergy regularly report positive outcomes [TESTIMONIALS] from using it on a daily basis.

The body uses oxygen for many different processes.  The heart consumes the largest amount of oxygen in the body, followed by the brain and the eyes.

Airnergy's active air technology mimics photosynthesis in green leaves.  This natural process ensures that oxygen is activated in a way which your body understands.

In the same way that water has different properties depending on its state –  warm or cold – oxygen also has various properties.

The oxygen present in respiratory air, the normal air we breathe, is not reactive.  The body converts the oxygen in respiratory air into a reactive state or singlet state.  This then allows the body to use it as a source of energy.

However, as we age or suffer from stress or illness, our ability to use oxygen effectively diminishes.  This in turn hinders performance, healing and regeneration.

Using Airnergy helps the body by increasing its use of oxygen in a natural way.

In the Airnergy device, the air’s oxygen is continually returned to its high energy state (singlet oxygen) which is the physiologically active form of the oxygen that the body is familiar with.

This enables a patent-protected process to take place which is technologically adapted from the natural processes of photosynthesis.

The short-lived singlet oxygen returns in a fraction of a millisecond to its basic state and therefore gives off energy. The water molecules in the respiratory air take over this energy which is then inhaled through a nasal cannula together with normal respiratory air.

In the organism the “Airnergy energy” noticeably improves the way the oxygen is used and has a positive effect on many of the body’s functions - without an additional supply of oxygen and without foreign substances.

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